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Trade in Your Old Home

If you are ready to replace your old mobile home with a brand new Manufactured Home, we are able to assist you through the entire process.

Upgrading your home to a new and improved model?
At Manufactured Home Works, we specialize in just that.

We will help you choose your beautiful new home or if you wish to customize the home we will provide you with estimates based on the options chosen. 

Although many people who upgrade have homes with only salvage value, if you have a home with trade-in value we will offer you a fair price to be applied to the cost of your new home.​

To insure the least disruption of your lifestyle; 

We will perform and manage the clearing of the lot and the preparation of the lot just prior to the delivery of your new home.

After delivery, we will complete all of the installation construction close escrow, and hand you the keys to your beautiful new home! We will even bring the champagne to celebrate with you! We hope to help you realize these dreams.


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15111 Pipeline Ave Chino Hills

To learn more please call us at 1-800-NEW-HOME

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